Partnership Benefits

As a partner, all you have to do is refer clients to White Ladder FX and you will be rewarded for it. You will receive a 15% rebate as a referral fee each month from the client’s performance fee. You keep earning a residual income based on the profit we earn. It comes with no cost, it’s available to all our partnered clients and is the perfect step towards building a vast network.

  1. You get the opportunity to refer a good trading environment and online platform
  2. You are given Good and attractive remuneration
  3. There is an Excellent reporting system
  4. You become a partner with us and achieve partnership status
  5. All procedures are easy and quick to get started.

Are you interested in more details?

There is a minimum threshold amount, of people, or value, you need to bring in before you become a partnered client, once this threshold is met you will be paid by an automatic system we have in place.

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White Ladder FX Fund Manager

We are interested in finding fund managers who have a stable track record in Forex trading. We will ask for verification of real account performance, through a third party. If the trader meets our risk management policies.

White Ladder FX is an established Forex managed account service company in the UK and the Middle East, we have investors worldwide, who are interested in managed accounts.

If you have good trading knowledge in Forex trading and are ready to prove it. Share your low risk and steady profit performance results. Just like we want for our investors, and we will add you to our Forex fund managers list.