White Ladder FX has gathered a group of professional traders with several years of experience in the account management market. With the main idea of offering a quality, profitable and transparent service. We are convinced that forex managed account services are a solid investment solution. We strive to provide profitability, satisfaction and improved living standards for our investors and partners.

All with the aim of creating a long-term, close relationship, with our investors and partners, through transparency, and providing long-term sustainable results.

We would like to offer managed accounts services to our clients which completely meet or exceed their expectations and desires. We are proud of what we have achieved to date. Our success is reflected in the positive responses we continuously get from our ever-growing client base. As a forex account management company, we focus on working with strictly verified fx traders, who are able to provide positive performance and stable results for our investors in the long term.

The account management teams we employ specialize in exploiting the many different market conditions. The fluctuations of the currency market have a direct effect on the performance of accounts, but if the total amount invested is diversified in equal proportions, the targeted profit can be achieved in a more stable manner. We put great emphasis on providing high returns to our clients regardless of global economics.

By holding an investment with us you can enjoy the benefits of the forex market without having any economic expertise, time and effort.

Our Philosophy 

Our Business Model is based on profitability for our partners and investors, if our clients are profitable, so are we. You will keep full control of your funds, no one will have access to your account or capital. You can withdraw all your money at any time without any conditions.

It is a sustainable and powerful business model, with real growth opportunities in the short, medium and long term. Customized investment solutions developed based on the needs and preferences of investors and partners.

We endeavor to provide the highest standard of ethics and principles while preserving integrity and transparency. An amicable culture exists to retain and recognize our traders.

Our Principle

We are proud to continually endeavor to provide

  1. Flexible and transparent operations.
  2. A Safe and Secure trading environment
  3. Being Client based and focusing on long term growth.
  4. Maintaining a High standard of professional ethics.
  5. Providing Quality service with Honesty & strong teamwork.